After 9 happy years creating nutritionally-boosted family recipes for you to enjoy, we are blending to become one with Smart Infused Füd – a range of nutritionally-boosted freezer food for families, using recipes created by us. We are effectively redesigning ready meals.

We are so grateful for your incredible support over the years and really hope you continue to follow us and enjoy what we do over at Smart Infused Füd. Rest assured, we shall be creating new recipes for you, running workshops and sharing our top tips for supporting family health.

And don't worry, we will also be able to access our existing recipe archive via the Smart Infused Füd website. If there is a particular recipe you would like access to immediately, just pop us a message and we can send it over to you.

Do subscribe to the Smart Infused Füd newsletter as we are offering 20% off for Cooking them Healthy clients with code CTH20%. (Minimum order of £36. One use per person).

Any questions or comments, please do get in touch at